I’m Tony Sedgwick

Mighty Advisor and thought disruptor

Galvanising Life Science Entrepreneurs Leaders and Reshaping Organisations

Helping You Achieve Success

Say Hello to the Emerging Future

I work with startups, scale-ups, and growing organizing from small to very large. I work closely with C suite people as well as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and any” preneurs

The work is full of exciting ideas, technology, and passion. I specialize in Lifesciences and Biotechnology which is booming but I am interested in helping any innovation business. I practice as a Mighty advisor which gives people context and the Big Picture


What is Mighty advisor?

Peeling back the layers

Much more than a coach

Thought disruption and thought leadership

Goal Setting

Big picture strategy and thinking

Thinking Partner

Advice, Mentoring, Coaching, Expertise


Personal Power


Delivery Results

Alchemy of the Mighty Advisor

Thought Experiments
Positivity and Inspiration

Unlock the experience needed to build your business

I have spent many years in academic, big, and small businesses.
My experience has become embodied intuition when I can ask the right questions and identify recurring patterns.

Have a real partner to independently engage with

I specialize in listening, challenging and disrupting people’s thoughts so they can stop and think. Most people need to think by talking. I help this inspiring and helping make a vision a reality.

Work with someone who has been in your shoes

I have been a Big company guy and a serial entrepreneur. I have the needed empathy and have experienced the pain and the amazing fun of building businesses

Strategic ,Psychological and Image support

In my book, I talk about the three hires. Every C suite or entrepreneur needs to have a clear focused unstressed mind. They need to see the future and plan how to get there. they need to present well and be a great communicator.

learn how to present and talk to Investors and partners

talking to Investors and potential buyers needs a new language. I can help be the translator

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About Me

As a natural polymath during my career, I have acquired many of the transversal skills to become a Mighty advisor. I have led, built and Grown many life science businesses. Helping founders to clarify their ideas, understand the commercial path and how to build high performing teams and organisations is my passion. I like to help by supportive thought disruption. challenging the status quo and pack mentality. Why come to me? I will have a different perspective from the others authentic and catalytic. My approach is not transactional,it is relationship-based. My network is vast and I like to help people connect. I help people connect. Finding investors requires a real story and storyboarding is a great passion. My mantra is people should feel better after meeting me !

Online Mighty Advisor Resources

My Book

I have written a book explaining what a Mighty advisor does

The startup ABC E book

I have written a number of E-books and videos that can be helpful
for start-ups

6 week Performance and wellness at work course

I run 6-week courses on Being an entrepreneur and wellness at work

Drive your buisness , Get Momentum ,build a template on what to do.
Unleash your potential !

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