Tony Sedgwick

Mighty Advisor and thought disruptor

Hi, I’m Tony Sedgwick
The Mighty Advisor and Thought Disruptor

My Story

Surrounded by a family of storytellers and a couple of aunties who inspired me to be interested in my ancestors and to appreciate the -magic- of life I always felt different to others . I was always interested in the why. The big picture !
My thinking machine always started from the end and worked backwards . This always upset my school teachers who just wanted me to learn and not ask the question why. Once I had worked out the big picture everything seemed easy.
I was always fascinated by drugs. My mother would give me an aspirin or apply some cream on me and I was fascinated what was in this lotion or potion? This sent me on my road to becoming a scientist

Big Picture Advisor

Working one to one with the “C’Suite individuals to get th right strategy and the right organisation in place . Acting as the internal coach and mentor supporting the business.

Science and Innovation

Working with “Creative Disruption” to Discover and Develop new Therapeutics

Connect the right people and communities

Working with the concept of Agile life science leaders workshops and Biotech buddies I work to connect the right people and build communities

About Me

As a natural polymath during my career, I have acquired many of the transversal skills to become a Mighty advisor. I have led, built and Grown many life science businesses. Helping founders to clarify their ideas, understand the commercial path and how to build high performing teams and organisations is my passion. I like to help by supportive thought disruption. challenging the status quo and pack mentality. Why come to me? I will have a different perspective from the others authentic and catalytic. My approach is not transactional,it is relationship-based. My network is vast and I like to help people connect. I help people connect. Finding investors requires a real story and storyboarding is a great passion. My mantra is people should feel better after meeting me !

My Experience

It is very important in the days of social media to know who people really are .I have considerable technology and business experience with many instituions and business at senior level .Check me out by looking at my linkeding Profile

My Book

I have written a book that shows the “inner workings” of the mind of myself and the Mighty Advisor .

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