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Strategy Advisor -Big Picture Advisor

Tony is experienced in working with organisations and people. He has most recently worked to help restructure,establish new strategies and develop external networks with Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe .He has significant personal leadership experience and understands how to focus an organisations to perform to a high standards .He normally works with CEOs, CSO and Senior R and D leaders to understand their goals and establish the appropriate Leadership Agenda to achieve success. Working closely with many members of the organisation tony using systems thinking to understand the landscape and establish what is needed to be done. He has a pragmatic style understanding the organisations need to create momentum.

He understands people and organisational dynamics .He can make things work.

His personal empathetic style generates good team dynamics and helps individuals get in the “flow” that generates performance and improvement

Presence and trust

Many forms of support are available but it can be difficult to decide which type of service is appropriate for  specific needs.

Tony action as an advisor , a coach and a mentor helps find answers and Points people in the right direction but will more importantly encourage people to find their own solutions, based on the principle that individuals have all the answers they need inside them. He helps understand the situation more clearly and to develop new ideas and approaches that will enable the design of effective action plans.

He is skilled at asking  the right questions based on the information given and based on experience .By encouraging people to remain in control and find their own solutions, his aim is to increase the sense of ownership towards goals, which will in turn boost motivation and, ultimately, the sense of achievement.

While advising promotes self-awareness and helps overcome personal roadblocks, it isn’t therapy. Coaching focuses on how you want things to be in the future, not on what happened in the past, and is therefore best suited for individuals who are ready to take action and move forward.

Tony has significant experience in helping Senior leaders to focus and fulfil their organisational goals. He has seen the significant achiements that can be made by helping people to grow.

Challenging ,Synthesising and Refining

Tony has considerable experience in working with organisations to understand where value is and how to bring innovative ideas to the commercial arena. He has worked for many year with individuals who are brilliant or unique but who are unable to articulate clearly where value lies. He works to clarify ideas,thinking and redefines the messages from individuals team or organisations so the “pitch” is clear and the investment can be made

Ecosystems introductions and networks

Tony has created a large and deep network of contacts throughout the business Pharma and Biotech sector. He has a mixture of contacts that can be brought in for specific expertise or to open doors to commercial opportunities . He is well wired into the Biotech “ecosystems” throughout the world .

Biotech CEO training programmes

Tony has development over time considerable insights into the necessary help that is needed by a Biotech CEO. This maybe at onset of the creation of the company or during different phases of its growth. Today can put together Bespoke training programmes to help .

Facilitation of workshops and training programmes for teams

Tony has a great deal of experience in the theatre of meetings. Assisting teams to achieve their goals or to broker challenges. Today will work with organisations and deliver workshops

Agile life science leaders events,Creative disruption workshops and dinner and dialogue.

Tony has established a unique formula to engage people and take networking to another level

keynote speaking

delivering inspiration and engaging dialogue