Hi I am Tony

Big Picture advisor

working one to one with the “C’Suite individuals to get th right strategy and the right organisation in place . Acting as the internal coach and mentor supporting the business

Science and Innovation

Working with “Creative Disruption to Discover and Develop new therapeutics 

Connect the right people and building communities


working with the concept of Agile life science leaders workshops and Biotech buddies I work to connect the right people and build communities 

Special Advisor to the Board



My story started in Ilford near london where I was born to an awesome family.

Surrounded  by a family of storytellers and a couple of aunties who inspired me to be interested in my ancestors and to appreciate the “magic” of life I always felt different to others . I was always interested in the why.  The big picture !

My thinking machine always started from the end and worked backwards . This always upset my school teachers who just wanted me to learn and not ask the question why. Once I had worked out the big picture  everything seemed easy.

I was always fascinated by drugs. My mother would give me an aspirin or apply some cream on me and I just was fascinated what was in this lotion or potion? This sent me on my road to becoming a scientist .

I was lucky enough and fate determined that I should go to to St Barthomews hospital and get my training in experimental Pathology. I was again lucky to meet Professor Derek Willoughby a leading light in the field of inflammation and was inspired by the man. He told me hundred of stories . As almost a chain smoker he would call me into to his office  sit me down and I would sit whilst he smoked his embassy cigarette and he would tell me about  his teacher Roy Cameron. Derek was  very proud as Am I that our scientific linage can be traced to Eli Metchnikoff  the father of modern Pathology.

This pedigree still gives me a feeling of strength and pride.Derek and all his network and friends were awesome. Powerhouse  scientists of the 60s flying on BOAC planes ,driving mini coopers and buying Lacoste shirts .He taught me to be both a scientist academic but also to be a lover of life .

It was hard to leave Derek such a disruptive spirit such a proposer of new ideas . Following this experience and a period teaching in the Royal Veterinary collage London I moved  to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Working for Roche in various senior roles in Discovery ,Business and Development I was exposed to highly creative individuals and activities. In particular I was inspired by Jürgen Drews who as the head of Roche R and D set the standard for introducing Innovation into R and D in Pharma .I met so many people. I had to lead people.

During the time as World wide head of Roche Clinical Operations I was part of the group that developed Sequinovir the grounding breaking treatment for HIV and Tamiflu the treatment for Influenza. This was awesome but my life was still mainly about people. Leading them was my life now not science   After the exposure to the large Pharma company I went on to lead four Biotechnology companies Cambridge Biotechnology,Daniolabs,Novacta and Silence Therapeutics.

During the last few years I have worked with different Pharma and biotech companies. Advising on Corporate ,fund raising and Rand D strategy . I like to work closely with Senior leaders acting as their Mighty Advisor . I have a passion for Innovation and people . 

I am a polymath active as as a systemic constellation psychotherapist and am passionate about leveraging people through different methodologies .

I learn a lot from my martial arts and yoga and I continue to teach and explore