Discomfort and unbalanced . These are often feelings that arise when you do something different . An inspiration for “being on the edge ” was the great late David Bowie .His quote “I am not really great with ideas I am a synthesiser a refractor powers up the possibility of lateral and transversal thinking .Doing something different requires bravery . Somehow the “others” whoever they are want normality . The Prism series is a new one day healthcare and pharma  event on June 15th at the london school of economics . The purpose of the event is to bring together the larger community to begin to discuss a new agenda for healthcare and pharma .The core principle of the event and the series is to  stimulate cognitive diversity -different thinkers .The possibility that creatives and scientists sit in the same room and tackle the big questions is awesome . The line up of speakers is from tech to leadership . The hope is this “dreaming seed” starts a new movement of thinkers who can tackle the challenges facing us . If you want an invite apply www.theprismseries.global