I had a fabulous day today .I was at a big Biotech conference for CEOs in Zurich. It was the normal speed dating concept. Company after company entered a big room and met various potential buyers . Each presenting company had 20 minutes to present their company and personal story

Today I witnessed the story telling Phenomena first hand .

Few people told there story . Few people understood what a story is . Even fewer people had the confidence to present there story looking ‘eye to eye’ and not using their computers and PowerPoint.

Some presenters showed visible stress when they could not get their computer out.

I saw one person whilst he was talking to me almost nervously looking longingly down at his bag where the dreaded PowerPoint lived ,his body language was shouting out help me computer I need my PowerPoint .Only at that moment when I said ok lets look at your presentation did people relax. Have we forgotten how to talk .Are we needing to hide behind a kind of PowerPoint mask where everything is safe and non spontaneous. Did the great orators and bards of old dream of PowerPoint.?
Becoming an authentic organisation means people have to be authentic. To allow yourself to tell stories about who you are and what you have is being authentic and real. The real person has turned up not just the human email or video show. The story telling concept seems to be becoming more accepted in organisations ,we are a long way from clear engaging conversations
and dialog let’s keep working on its return