Data , machine learning, Alan Turing , beating cancer and Enigma

today a meeting was held at the Turing Institute .

where is that! Tucked in a wonderful space on the second floor of the British library is a wonderful Institute steeped  in a deep feeling of innovative computing , world war 2 and to some extent injustice . Alan Turing was depicted fabulously in the Hollywood movie which has a lot of the feeling of a heros journey with a sad end .

alan Turing was called to action by the war and with allies , heralds and wise men created the Enigma machine -wonderful stuff .

Perhaps the same archetypal story is unfolding with AI becoming the hero , the villain becoming the aging population and today’s meeting is about bringing in allies and overcoming guardians ?

AI was the subject of today’s meeting . Machine learning and algorithms are becoming open sourced . The data is key . If  data was open sourced could we cure cancer faster ? How does that commercially work . Data when it gets on a server who knows where it is ? Lots of students are coming out with lots of ideas in the space To help this AI hero governments need to break the barriers . The next generation are thinking differently

elements of the thinking are surfacing how should they be ordered ?