When I was younger I was an avid watcher of batman on TV. Watching batman played by the great Adam West was always awesome .All the wow , splat and punch just before my tea on a Tuesday night was the highlight of my mid week.The top part of the show was the baddies the villains Joker , Penquin and Riddler .
My favourite was the bookworm . Played by Roddy McDowell and only seen in one or perhaps two episodes he was a fabulous character .His strange hat and glasses. What I loved was his ability to speed read.

He could devour books in seconds ! I so wanted to get that skill . With information everywhere what a fabulous ability of skim read and take in what is necessary and interesting . This skill is even more pertinent in today’s business environment .


Again somewhere I remember being told

 “Read three books a week “


I cannot remember who told this to me but it was someone who had interest in inspirational thinking and promoting mind stimulation . Just devour books I was told .But how can you read three books a week unless you have the skills of the bookworm

Approaching a book from the “big picture ” means reading backwards.I am not suggesting to approach a novel in this way as it may kill the story but for a non fiction book.

Start at the back and dip .Dont feel guilty you have not read it from cover to cover . Absorbing information and inspiration is paramount and you won’t even start if you are a guilty cover to cover reader .It may not be the incredible skill of the bookworm but for innovative thinking the key concepts are what counts