Paris on a beautiful May Day . Somehow all the pollution seems gone . The air is crisp , the city is busy and the expresso is awesome . All the biotech community is arriving for the May Bioequity . A good meeting lots of interesting companies and a good feeling this year . Translational medicine and ecosystems is the key thing .Words such as permeability and close contact translation . Entrepreneurs and big companies coming together . Great science .Is there a meta message from this gathering ?
How do we make companies such as actellion?

Was actellion just a spin out of Roche and as such only the big pharma companies can create these substantial companies ?

The USA has very focused ecosystems Boston and Bay . In Europe very diluted efforts – a legion of companies going no where !!!!!! Walking dead were the words .This can’t be good

Needs experience -people who have seen the movie .Talent is the key in Europe ,one or two Hubs – needs co ordination -a vision

Open discussion for the future the USA focused finding its way .