Clinical trials-bring your own device? And gaming apps for Parkinson’s disease

The MedidataEvents in london this week brought all sorts of clinical and data people together to discuss novel approaches to clinical trials . Clinical trials are clinical trials ?

But now patients are being asked to bring there own device to collect data . Everybody carries there own little computer their own personal smart phone so this seems a really big advance.

Apps are being downloaded at clinical sites onto people’s own devices to start the collection of data . Getting a standardised smartphone is hard but it is happening . Data collection has moved from paper to electronic and now it’s moving to bring your own device . Bring your own device and paper studies have been compared and it is possible to use BYOD for some phase II and phase III studies .Blimey ! This does seem a change . What’s going to be the benefits ?Visual analogue scales previously on paper with a pen are beautifully crafted in digital form so clearly it’s more elegant and data directly collected electronically so that good .
Roche has developed a Parkinson’s app.
It measures voice ,balance, gait, dexterity, rest tremor and active tremor . This is smart data that can be measured on an ongoing basis .Very interesting and bringing greater influence and awareness to patients . This could be the Begining of real world data .

Sensors and Smartphones are being brought together for large clinical trials using motion gaming platforms .This is so powerful for performance tests in diseases such as Parkinson’s,stroke,MS etc . Innovation moving clinical trials up a gear ………

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