Humour is the ultimate thought disruptor. Having a good laugh physiologically and psychologically does the trick every time. Somehow in the business world having a laugh gets a bad wrap. I don’t really understand why. So many times people have said to me ‘this is far to serious to laugh about”. But laughing always results when a person looks at a situation differently .If you see the funny side it can change an ideas and increase creativity ,surely that is a good thing ?

The Addams family was a TV series in the 70s which reframed our thinking about horror. The writiers quite brilliantly turned the idea of horror into something incredibly funny. It was the opposite thought that a group of people could live a ridiculous life where fear was gentle and loving . One of the most original characters in the show was cousin Itt?

This character was just long blonde hair ,did nothing,said little but was just cousin ITT. The Addams family members spoke to the cousin as if itt was totally normal .

Stephen fry said Humor is always a moment of discovery .Every time your-brain sees something funny it makes new connections .This character certainly made new connections
Itt Addams was the cousin of Gomez Addams . He was a short being whose entire body is shrouded by long blonde hair. When Gomez asked Cousin Itt what is underneath all the hair, Cousin Itt replied”Roots” .He usually wore sunglasses ,a hat and gloves. He spoke in a high-pitched gibberish language which the only the members of the family could understand ,it was incomprehensible to anyone else. The Addams found nothing odd about Itt’s appearance, and in one episode of the series, Gomez was surprised by the idea that other people could not understand Itt’s speech . Itt was often celebrated by the family as being “full of talent” in areas such as acting, singing, and marriage counseling !. He was also known to have an extremely high IQ of over 300 as shown when he guesses every Rorschach plot correctly.

Although known to spend time in the chimney, cousin Itt had his own room in the mansion, furnished in proportion to his size and with a low ceiling. He was depicted as a carefree bachelor with an extravagant lifestyle and is renowned among the Addamses for his many female companions.

This was a truely thought disruptive character . Every generation should know and maybe have a cousin Itt. He should be taught about in Universities and colleges as an icon of idea breaking marvel . More humour thinking to come ………..