I was looking around a bookshop today and a certain book grabbed my attention.The title of the book was 2,100 asanas by Daniel lacerda. It was not the content of the book that Stimulated my mind ,it was the idea that everyone is re packaging ideas into new formats. Yoga has been around for thousands of years. There are only so many things a person can do with there body . You can bend one way and then another .leg up and leg down!

Refreshing ideas is very much in vogue today . Take something old and well known but the give it a new slant ,a new feel a new vocabulary and then,it grabs people’s attention .The book shops are full of these new self help,and business books giving new slants and new insights . I think it is fantastic to re vitalise ideas and constantly refresh them . I think it is,an exciting time for our thinking as so many people are writing about similar things but with different angles . Lets all surf the wave of these new approachs .