With so many companies being formed in the life science sector what is happening ? Lots of students coming out of university , the budding entrepreneurs . How wonderful ! I love of this innovation . So what the landscape , what is the macro constellation of companies and funding ?

Apparently more VC funding is about , so there is loads of money ? It does not feel like that . It feels that the VCs are herding around some really good ideas but lots of lots of really great technology and people are not being swarmed to !!! The swarming comes from focussing of what is deemed elite in terms of universities and technology so the VCs decide on this and lots are left on the tarmac waiting for the control tower to tell them that their route plan has been excepted and they start to taxi .

I am not sure the swarming was quite like it is today before .More companies seem to  stuck in the airport .Serendipity will come from the many not from the few . So more take off  or a smaller airport

The presence of an ecosystems where few companies take off  will keep the ecosystem alive but we surely need more to take off …….