Do you want to live to 120 ? 

Longevity is a new area to think about.New drugs , care models, care tech ,Babylon video a doctor. Pension ,working,wellness,community.

Workforce . So Futurists ,what ever than are ,saying 2000 genes are involved,  you will live longer for sure .Age related drugs ? Wow . Not sure about all of this . The insurance companies seem very financially based . What I am not sure is how are we going to live longer in a happy way . Without doubt people will inhabit older bodies for a longer period of time  . Fluctuations in mood the psyche and soul are central to living happily . So many people struggle to understand their own minds and to keep happy . So how in the future are we going to stay happy . Happy pills ? More psychotherapy , the need for more shamans . And community how are we going to help build this for so long …..A real disruptive thought!