What are details ? When should details be given , when are they required , what is the mindset of a detail giver . I am sure everyone has experienced either going into a shop where the salesman starts going deeply into technical details about a product , and not understanding a word .I am also sure everyone has been in presentations where the speaker explains how they are going into details and everyone’s heart sinks . Jung described people into extroverts and introverts .These could be the non detail extroverts and the detail orientated introverts . This is simplistic . I remember one of my professors who would go on and on about details  and in one lecture a student lay on the floor and fell asleep . The professor never even noticed them . Awareness may be the key to understanding this . Some people have somatic awareness only as far as their own skin . They live in themselves but have little connection outside the parimeter of their skin . Other people have fantastic outside of their body peripheral vision where they can feel and see what other humans are feeling . Being aware of your own body and feelings at the same time as feeling and sensing others is the essence of true “presence ” Next time you get detail fatigue ! think is the individual present or on their own autopilot .