With the world exploding in technical advances how can the more established R and D organisations of more than 20 people keep up??.I say organisations of more than 20 employees as something seems to dramatically change when that magic number is reached. All of a sudden infrastructure governance and structure takes over. This brings with it the loss of flexibility and dynamic activity.I really experienced this big time in the 90s when my organisation of 30 employees suddenly became 100,200  and so on.

So of course the solution is tobring in the classical management consultants. Their tried and tested recipe is to do a diagnosis to find out what’s happening ,read this out to management then starts the work streams or task forces. All of these activities have the mission of putting structure and management wisdom into place. This always has an exciting feeling. “We are the chosen ones on an exciting mission to really cause change” .The resulting plans are put in place management is happy and boom! …….The leadership gets the problem back .

A circle of optimism is broken and the same managers are left facing the same day in and day out problem. So how  can a modern R and D organisation solve the problem? Learn from Agile I say! The agile community in software knows significant change needs coaching. Just like everything in life on going lasting and sustainable change and real value improvement needs ongoing transformational catalysts.Coaching is key ……..