Ever since I first learn TM meditation in the 70s I have been really interested in meditation . I loved TM . I loved the fact that the marhareshi Yogi taught the Beatles TM and as I loved George et al al I was wowed !

Things changed for me when the Marharishi tried to explain TM scientifically in terms of quantum physics . Why why why try to explain a wonderful experience such as settling the mind in a scientific way . This is really prevelant in today’s world as I see the use of “pop”science to explain the benefits of mindfulness . Mindfulness being the new more fashionable term for mindfulness .Neuroscience seems to be being used for validating those wonderful ancient techniques such as meditation . For me I keep them separated science needs not to contaminate magic otherwise we will loose what it is to be humans . Let’s let shamans remain shamans and live in these complementary universes…..

to be continued….