[serious-slider id=”0″]Software developers always bang on about the Agile process !This process is yet to be taken up extensively by Pharma Industies R and D organisations probably because the different sectors don’t really talk to each other and the language is strange . One of the many interesting words used in the Agile system is the word ceremony . Ceremonies normal conjour up thoughts of priestly activities or special events undertaken by the local shaman . A ceremony is normal a special event which is marked by certain ritual behaviours which can be very powerful indeed

One such powerful ceremony used by the agile fans is kanban .Like the Pharma industry software developers are always trying to reduce cycle time and there is always a need for enlightenment in this area

Kanban is a very simple method using cards to control people’s workflow.

In Japanese,Kanban translates to “visual signal”.For teams using Kanban every work item is represented as a separate card on a visual board.

The main purpose of representing work as a card on the Kanban board is to allow team members to track the progress of work through its workflow in a highly visual manner . Everyone knows what everyone is doing .

The ceremony of Kanban although it does not involve using burning of sage and the use of a rattle , it’s visual effect and “marking”is effective
Like the shaman everyone “is all knowing !” which can’t be bad for business