So I was going to buy a new pair of shorts . Simple job , go into a shop , try them on and hand over some cash . I went into a big shop in Oxford street, flashy signs and there in the middle of the men’s section was a coffee bar . So what’s that ? I got a pair of shorts and took them over to a very helpful assistant to try and try them on . What’s your name said the assistant ? Why do you want to know that I replied. Well he said we want to really get to know you and I want to put your name on the door of the changing room !

Communities are all about people knowing each other . Depending on each other and supporting each other . Face book ,social media retail brands ,organisations are all searching for the most basic human need to be in a community ..

detachment must be the biggest challenge to the new society in front of us. Great communication has stopped the primitive activities such as sitting around a fire . The distracted mind hops from place to place preventing authentic interaction .

if we are going to make organisations really work it has to be a community ……..⊕