Last night a large number of well dressed people attended the annual BIA dinner bash  . Hundreds of Biotechnology CEOs,CSOs ,lawyers and others met to celebrate the U.K. BIotechnology sector .The atmosphere was excellent and the general feeling was one of good health and excitement in the sector.The sector is very well established and feels unique within the European arena . A great deal of the strength comes from its attachment to the London Finance community .Attachment to the money people gives the sector that edge over others,not only for money but also for the huge amount of expertise available.What is really missing is those middle companies , the big brother Biotechs that smaller ones can aspire to become. The U.K. Is fantastic as a place to build a biotech but as has been said many times we miss the larger ones. The big jump to become an AstraZeneca or GSK is just too great. Lets hope these minnows grow and stay .Well done BIA great job building community capacity .