Such a lovely afternoon at #BlogConLDN,daise smith,Scarlett london plus many more including tony sedgwick !!
A real experience .A conference at the Queen Elizabeth conference centre Westminster on Saturday 18 March .Hundreds of people mostly young and female using social media in a way I did not think was possible.
Energy, imagination,enthusiasm , commercial strategy , flexibility . All these words describe what we need in the biotech sector to make a difference . These bloggers have the X factor . They clearly did not learn it on training courses but they are very savy about tech , marketing and computers . Most of the bloggers write about items and products they really like . Their opinion really counts . They really influence others to buy or act . How about the biotech community learning from them .Direct speaking . No anxiety about not being able to write prose or be another William Shakespeare . Check this movement out it’s exciting and is the future of connectivity . Go to bloggers events it’s a must .