Fantastic Mediwales conference in Cardiff

Interesting group of people lots people from MED tech , pharma ,hospital etc

One really interesting talk was by the Institute of Mechanical engineer. I was fascinated to hear this group talk about healthcare. My father was a member of this body and my dad spent most of his time with pieces of metal , cutters and swarfega a really smelly cleaning gel that removes oil .

The Institute of mechanical engineers are now working with patients healthcare and the NHS

The question is what can an engineer bring to healthcare ? They created a policy and a dialogue with the health professionals . Digitisation is clearly not everything.

Technology is one of the key enabling mechanisms for the NHS- about 12000 FTE engineers work in the NHS with >30 job titles .

These engineers are being mobilised to bring in more technology and improved process

A fantastic initiative bringing more brain power to the challenge of bringing healthcare to the ageing population ……..