Marcel Duchamp Zany ,creative,brilliant,transversal, alternative.What could have been going through this mind when he constructed the idea of ready made art ?? What goes through the mind of a genius . Did his mind move so unbelievably fast. Did he get a hundred ideas a minute .How and what ? Perhaps we get a clue when reading one of his quotes 

“One must pass through the network of influence. One is obligated to be influenced, and one accepts this influence very naturally. From the start, one doesn’t realize this. The first thing to know: one doesn’t realize one is influenced. One thinks he is already liberated, and one is far from it!

“‘Alchemy is a kind of philosophy: a kind of thinking that leads to a way of understanding”

A melting pots of influences ? A fusion , a salsa of different influences . Maybe he was an awesome listener. Perhaps an awesome observer who watched other people’s story’s and took the fusion of influencer concepts and ideas to the edge . He was a very Big thinker . He was a fantastic strategist, he also understood people . We can learn a lot from people like Marcel ….