So today is a very special day . It feels a unique day in my life. It is the inauguration of a very special President of the United States . We are all going to give him a chance . As the thought disrupter how can I not . He is a true disrupter . HIs mantra is “I get the job done “. He is a deal doer he believes in getting what people want by moving in a straight line. The direct approach . So this disruption could be fantastic .The sort of Alexander the Great and the Gordium knot story of modern times “he saw a world fastened with cords made of the rind of the cornel-tree, if he could untie for him was reserved the empire of the world.
The story is told that Alexander finding himself unable to untie the knot, the ends of which were secretly twisted round and folded up within it, cut it asunder with his sword”

The direct approach , the deal maker approach the power approach .If this great change model is to work the followers have to watch this role model and decide do they replicate it and create this direct deal maker culture or should they learn from it and then respond by putting other values , that are more appropriate for the masses to replicate. People directly follow role models . They do as they they do , they say what they say and believe it is the only way

The direct approach if taken on as the “way of doing things ” will prevent the growth of our culture in business and society to be more facilitating and orchestral in nature.After all the teachings in the spiritual and martial world teach us that acting as water is often more effective than rigid and direct attack Moving with the flow ,growing a more sophisticated society and culture .

It will be of great interest whether the new president plays the chess game or just pushes aside the pieces to get straight to the reward.

Optimism is the key after all massive thought disruption is what we need