Wellington Partners life science day in sunny Munich 1st June . A wonderful summer day in Munich . A great meeting in the wonderfully light and modern lecture room .
Wellington certainly can invest well .

A deep knowledge of the sector and a wonderful network allows the partners at Wellington to hunt down entrepreneurs and companies where value can be created . A simple outsourcing model where the Wellington provision of capital unlocks the value of the ideas and the technology of the founders .
It looks really easy and focused activity . It so seems that the model of having a small team of investors plus a couple of analysts allows focused thinking and the creation of a wonderful story . Pharma has many people , varied people and a deep fear of simplicity . If only the pharma companies midsized and large could use a more VC like model perhaps they could utilise the total investment in healthcare R and D more effectively .Pharma has both money and real expertise . VCs have money and limited expertise . The pharma model should win out but it doesn’t . The pharma companies are scrambling for the cancer immunopharmacology targets and compounds, coming out of venture backed biotech companies .The VCs are winning .It seems the success comes from simplicity , focus , space , fewer people and great storytelling . Real skills …….
With the growing healthcare costs , volatility in the USA political arena
And pricing of drugs the R and D strategies of pharma companies will determine commercial success . Differentiated products are the name of the game. The VCs are showing the way pharma needs to follow