Creating organisations that really work is difficult .Creating pharmaceutical R and D organisations that really work is even more difficult .

The old command and control KPI system is dead . It always relied on the top guys being very clever and the researchers just executing their commands . So we need self regulating systems . The essence of the book by Brafman and Beckstrom that organisations should set themselves up like starfish (self regulation) not spiders ( central control) .

The core position in this book that orchestrates this is a character seen in the Apache culture . The Nantan. Little is really described in the book about this character . It describes an individual who appears to lead when needed . It is the shaman of the system or as modern terminology would describe it a servant leader . The servant leader or perhaps to use an even more modern word , the scrum master ensures the system or culture is acceptant of the self regulating organisation or team . The servant leader needs a deep understanding of the politics and influence on the key figures of an organisation . Culture is key ……..