Ibiza! Sun , sand people , energy and yes that beat ! What is that beat ? Did it come from electronica ? It’s everywhere in the airport , in the taxi , in the resturants and in the clubs !

The clubs ,these massive money making machines . The combination of drugs and music is so exilerating send people in to a trance . It has long been known , almost since man began that this mixture or cocktail of these powerful ingredients can unlock human potential . The shamans have know it . Their powerful ceremonies can creat a atmosphere and effect that connects people to the higher something .

Ibiza clubs such as the zoo project do the same thing . The persistent beat getting into the brains causing a theta wave state has a powerful effect .People close down into themselves . Almost into a metaphorical ball, not looking for external stimulation such as other humans or the surrogate social media but in their brains and minds flowing ideas and thoughts . There are temporary real feelings of clarity . The chitter chatter of the monkey mind is removed and all the brain locks onto is that simple drum beat .

The zoo projects “fantasy circle “is awesome . A Hippy tribal group , dancing with such beauty .A sort of longing to be part of a sacred circle .

May be only Ibiza has all this . Unlocking the human mind is awesome but let’s leave out the uncontrolled therapeutics